Face Facial Benefits And Its Beauty Tips

Face Facial Benefits And Its Beauty Tips
Face Facial Benefits And Its Beauty Tips

Face Facial Benefits And Its Beauty Tips

Face Facial Benefits And Its Beauty Tips

Different kinds of facial:

  • Normal Facial
  • Herbal Facial
  • Medicated Facial
  • Whitening Facial
  • Vitamin C Facial
  • Vitamin E Facial
  • Green Facial
  • Aruma Facial

The notes are made keeping in mind the texture of the skin and are differentiated according to each And different company’s product
Belong to you As soon as the products come in the market, they make a perception shop for petitions. This way our knowledge is further enhanced. And our work is refined. Due to which there is an increase in abilities and confidence in personality.

Items I need for facials:

  • Multi action cleansing.
  • Aloe Vera Cream,
  • Fruit Cream,
  • Wheel Cream,
  • Rose Cream,
  • Vitamin Cream,
  • Vegetable Cream,(any.cream available you can use.)
  • Scarab
  • Cotton
  • Black Heads Stick
  • Towel.
  • Stemmar
  • Mask.

Method: The Rule of Using

First, spread the towel well under your client’s neck. Then apply a band on the hair. Remove the color from the nose and ears. Apply it on the hands and apply a little water and massage. On the cheeks, from the bottom up and towards the ears. Massage the chin from right to left and the forehead in the same way.

Your step should be upwards as dancing will cover the skin, so massage upwards as this massage tightens the skin. Hands are light and have a name Let the client woman be calm and relaxed.

The skin began to dry, then the water. Make sure to massage like this for at least ten minutes. After that we will take another cream and start massaging with it. After cleansing, make sure to clean the skin with several cotton wet pads.

But massage with cream. Gently massage the condyles in a circular motion with your fingers. Place both hands on the cheeks and massage the corners of the nose. Massage with both hands from the bottom to the top of the neck so that the blackheads can be easily removed. This will also require at least half an hour. Give each tape 5 minutes. So that the blood circulation is fast and quick.

If the skin warms up after the massage, you are massaging me properly. And the lady is also feeling calm.

Then apply a little saucer on your hands and massage it so that the dead skin is removed slowly. The scrub is flat, so massage slowly for 5 minutes.

After taking pictures of different stages of facial, heat and steam the mir. If the skin is not bad and the weather is hot then give less time and if the skin is bad then blackheads are more and then if the weather is cold then time is 6 to 8 minutes. May be. Otherwise 5 minutes is enough for normal coconut.

After that the fan is completely turned off. Thoroughly clean the face with cotton wool.

Hold the nose with a cotton ball with a blackhead stick. Remove black or white heads. Not much.

Is. Take out as many as you can, don’t give too much, I will get a mark like this and it will feel bad. If there are more blackheads, then the shape is coming now. Apply it and after ten minutes, take it off with a jerk. All the blackheads will come out.

Then it’s the mask’s turn. Also apply according to the skin. Egg or bean memory and mineral masks are available in the market depending on the skin. Use them and remember that after applying the mask, your client will not speak at all. Soak a cotton ball in rose water and apply it on the eyes and wash the face when the mask is dry. Or wipe clean.

After the money is done, apply tones. And instruct the woman not to use soap for 12 hours, just apply a splash of cold water. After 12 hours, the face will be refreshed like a rose. And every viewer will be amazed at how it came to be so refreshing. Facials should be done almost every month.

It is important to practice after reading each topic. He does not do anything to his friends, his surroundings, his relatives, cousins, or aunts, etc., to the extent that the other’s face is disfigured. Take things in stride and try not focus too much on the problem. Go ahead and do everything slowly.

The step of massage. Apply the cream on the neck and massage upwards. ۔ Apply cream on the scalp and then massage up to the ears.

Apply the cream under the upper lip and nose and massage up to the abdomen. ۔ Applies cream on the cheeks and massages up to the bandage. ۔ Then you can apply cream on the forehead and massage upwards and up to the abdomen.

The Advantage of Facial Facial skin food. Increases blood circulation, which keeps the skin radiant and fresh. ۔ Prevents the effects of aging on the face. ۔ Removes acne and blemishes on the face and reduces facial fat. ۔ Increases skin agility. And quotes cells. ۔ Facial removes dust from facial skin. . . ۔ Facials reduce the appearance of pimples and nails. Kyung facial face well

It gets clear.

Helps to close open pores of the face and Reduces facial fat.Make sure the facial is done every month so that the skin stays tight and clean.

Remember, after 30 years, it is very important that you take care of yourself. We cannot stop old age, but we can delay it.

Note: After facial care, be careful not to use soap immediately. Just cool Sing water churns.

Facial procedure is the same, the massage steps remain the same, but there is a difference in the different products made by different companies for facials. Beauticians should choose facial products according to their skin texture in the light of their experience.This way our knowledge is further enhanced. And our work is refined. Due to which there is an increase in abilities and confidence in personality.

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