5 Most Beautiful Women In The World History

5 Most Beautiful Women In The World History

5 Most Beautiful Women In The World History

There isn’t anything in this world more enamoring than a lady’s beauty.The appeal and effortlessness of the more attractive sex is something to behold.History has no lack of excellent ladies that have become to some degree a norm of the cutting edge world.Beauty items would in some cases conjure the name of Cleopatra as confirmation that whatever they are selling works.

Indeed, even, thinking back to the 60s, American ladies admired Jackie Kennedy as a good example of being a legitimate and exquisite lady who magnificence is underdog to none.Songs have even referenced Helen of Troy describing about how her face had the option to dispatch an armada of ships.So in the present rundown, we are checking down to the 5 most wonderful ladies in the world history. In this article, we are tallying down to ladies who have had an effect in history with their excellence as well as with their insight, strength, commitments, and astounding abilities.

Number Five: Lucrezia Borgia

She was one of the most appreciated things in medieval Italy. During the 14th and 15th Century, Lucrezia Borgia was one of the most beautiful women in Europe.

5 Most Beautiful Women In The World History   Borgia Lady
Lucrezia Borgia (1480 – 1519) Wood engraving, published in 1893.

Her heavy blonde hair, fair and smooth complexion, high bosom, and hazel eyes that – according to stories – changed color are few of the physical qualities that made her one of the jewels of her father’s, Pope Alexander VI, reign which the Pope himself used to his advantage as he tried to offer her hand in marriage multiple times in order to safeguard his Papacy.
Lucrezia’s beauty became the subject of many artists’ works and, to this day, she has been depicted in multiple media from film, television, literature, opera, and even video games.

Number Four: Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette is one of the most recognizable faces and names in history.

Marie Antoinette
French costume Maria-Antonietta style.

She married to Louis XVI of France, Marie was already royal-blooded having descended from a line of Emperors which made the French people be left in awe of her beauty even more. Her height, fair complexion, pale blonde hair, and high fashion sense was rivalled by no one.
Though she was dealt a terrible hand by history because of her husband, Marie Antoinette was amongst the most talented women in Europe. From horseback riding to an impressive musical ability, it was too bad that she had to be dragged out of Versailles, shorn of her status and looks, to meet her end under the guillotine of the French revolution.

Number Three: Lady Godiva

Confidence is being able to ride throughout town naked on horseback and that is what Lady Godiva did.

Lady Godiva
Illustration of a stunningly beautiful woman

She was the beautiful wife of Leofric, Earl of Mercia in the 11th Century. A noblewoman, she was known for her charity and her more than generous donations to monasteries and churches around Coventry. However, despite her generosity and beauty, the citizens were not able to find refuge in it from the heavy taxes levied on them by Leofric. Outraged, Godiva demanded that Leofric lower the taxes repeatedly until he agreed to do so under one condition: that she ride around town, stripped of all her clothes and having only her long, thick hair to cover her.
Eager to help the people of Coventry, she rode out naked but before she left the walls of their palace, Leofric had already ordered the townspeople to lock themselves up in their homes and not gaze upon Godiva. Unfortunately for one man named Tom, he was not able to resist the urge to peep and later on paid the price of disobeying Leofric’s orders with both his eyes.
After her ride, Godiva demanded Leofric to keep his end of the bargain and did so, lowering
the taxes.While many historians dispute the naked ride around town as fiction, Lady Godiva was indeed a real person who, along with her husband, built and set up the Benedictine Monastery in Coventry.

Number Two: Helen of Troy

You didn’t think that we would have a list of history’s most beautiful women without including the woman with “the face that launched a thousand ships”, did you?

5 Most Beautiful Women In The World History  Helen-of-Troy

She could easily have taken the number one spot on this list but because of no contemporary portrait of her and a clearer account of her life, she lands the second spot. However, that does not remove the fact that she was a phenomenal woman whom thousands of men have died for or died because of her.
In Greek mythology, Helen of Troy was Spartan by heritage and was said to be the daughter of Zeus and Leda. Considered by the Greeks as the most beautiful woman in the world, she was by marriage Queen of Laconia and was the wife of King Menelaus. Her abduction by the Trojan Prince, Paris – as the story that we all know goes – sparked the infamous Trojan War and set off a series of events that helped shape the ancient Greek civilization.

Number One: Nefertiti

While many would consider Cleopatra as the most beautiful woman to have existed considering that she was able to bring both Julius Caesar and Marc Antony to their knees, it’s Queen Nefertiti that takes home first place on this list.

Nefertiti Lady
Beautiful Nefertiti Woman

Her name translates to “a beautiful woman has come” and was wife to one of the greatest Egyptian pharaohs, Akhenaten. Her features are sharper and much more striking than the depictions that media and popular culture have of Cleopatra. Her swan-like neck was, alone, elegant for a queen – and her facial features with the high cheek bones, which unfortunately for Cleopatra, have become the standard for feminine beauty to this day.
In a way, Queen Nefertiti was almost elven in her beauty. Her origin is steeped in mystery. Historians and experts hypothesize that Nefertiti was the daughter of Akhenaten’s uncle and she might have been a Mitanni princess. Regardless, her marriage to Akhenaten bore 6 daughters and she ruled Egypt as a powerful queen and a spiritual leader in Akhenaten’s newly established religion. Even though she may be continually overshadowed by Cleopatra’s fame, Nefertiti is still one of the most beautiful women in history.

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