5 Most Beautiful Women in The History

5 Most Beautiful Women in The History

5 MOST Beautiful Women in History
There is nothing in this world more captivating than a woman’s beauty.The allure and grace of the fairer sex is something to behold.History has no shortage of beautiful women that have become somewhat of a standard of the modern world.Beauty products would sometimes invoke the name of Cleopatra as testament that whatever they are selling works.
Even back in the 60s, American women looked up to Jackie Kennedy as a role model of being a proper and elegant woman who beauty is second to none.Songs have even mentioned Helen of Troy narrating about how her face was able to launch a fleet of ships.So in today’s list, we are counting down to the 5 most beautiful women in history.In this article, we are counting down to women who have made an impact in history not only with their beauty but with their intelligence, strength, contributions, and remarkable talents.

Number Five: Aspasia

She was the partner and lover of the Greek statesman Pericles and one of the most influential women in the ancient world.

10 Most Beautiful Women in The History Aspasia
Aspasia Portrait

Known to have displayed great beauty and intelligence according to historians, Aspasia – particularly her house – attracted and influenced many prominent teachers and philosophers during her time, including Socrates himself.
Though there are historical records that say she was a brothel keeper and a prostitute, there are several evidence that point to the contrary. She was known as a courtesan and an adviser to Pericles which makes her role in history a crucial piece to understanding the lives of women and their contributions to ancient Grecian society.

Number Four: Salome

Salome lived in the first century and was daughter to Herod II and Herodias.

Salome Dancer
Illustration from 19th century

She was attractive but her beauty came in the form of her disarming charm. Like an enchantress, she has been portrayed in many literature and media as the woman who danced the Dance of the Seven Veils though no historical record would confirm the accuracy of this little trivia but she was, indeed, a talented dancer.
In the Bible, she is notably known for demanding and bearing the head of John the Baptist which has been depicted in numerous Renaissance and Religious artworks. Archaeological finds points to the fact that Salome did exist and was not just a character written in Holy Scripture as a metaphor for something as her face was found to be carved into coins.

Number Three: Phryne

To be used as a model for the image of Aphrodite in sculpture and paintings is, perhaps, the highest compliment that could be given to this next woman on our list.

Phryne Lady
A statue of a woman Phryne

After all, Aphrodite is the Grecian goddess of love and beauty. Phryne was a courtesan who gained fame after bearing her breasts in front of a jury to gain their pity. Her beauty was incomparable according to the Greek rhetorician, Athanaeus. On festivals of the Eleunisia and Poseidonia, she was also known to let down her hair and wade naked into the sea.
Her confidence, along with her looks, was what lured the painter Apelles to produce the image of Aphrodite Anadyomene as well as inspire the sculptor Praxiteles to use her image as model for the statue of Aphrodite of Knidos.

Number Two: Mata Hari

No Bond villainess can compete with history’s very own femme fatale, Mata Hari.

Mata Hari
Focus on Mata Hari – Emulation of hand-painting image”

An exotic dancer of Dutch-Frisian descent, she moved to France and gained fame as a dancer whose promiscuity and willingness to show some skin caught the attention of many men in her era. Since the Netherlands remained neutral during the First World War, Mata Hari was able to move unhindered between borders because of her Dutch nationality. Later on, she became a courtesan to a high ranking military official of the allies and began her career as a double agent.
In 1917, however, French intelligence agents were able to intercept a coded message from the German army that hinted about their spy in Paris called H-21. Later on, the French were able to identify H-21 as Mata Hari and because of this treason she was captured and executed by firing squad. She may have gotten caught and shot but history cannot deny the fact that Mata Hari was able to use her looks and smarts quite well that she managed to play on both sides during the war.

Number ONE: Bathsheba

How Queen Bathsheba arrived at her royal position was not at all a pleasant story.

10 Most Beautiful Women in The History  Bathsheba Queen
Illustration from 19th century.

Before she became Kind David’s wife, Bat Sheva – or Bathsheba in its anglicized form was already the wife of a Hittite king called Uriah. After plotting against Uriah, King David was finally able to take Bathsheba for himself after the Hittite was killed in battle. However, legend has it that God was displeased with Bathsheba’s adultery that, as punishment, her firstborn child to David died at birth.
Later on, Bathsheba would give birth to Solomon, heir to David as King of Israel. As Bathsheba grew to love David, her loyalty to the King and love of their children became unwavering that, at the time of David’s death, she made sure that Solomon – not David’s first born – took the crown to become the wisest king known in Israel.
Both wise and protective of Solomon, these qualities were second only to her beauty that made David fall in love with her and take great lengths to capture her and her heart. And being the wife of King David, she is one of only five women listed in the ancestry of Jesus Christ.

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